Free Collection: Planetary & Solar System Science

Read free-to-access Scientific Reports articles describing research on planetary giants, small bodies, space weather and habitability.

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This collection of free-to-access articles, published recently in Scientific Reports, showcases impactful research on bodies that span the astronomical size spectrum, from meteors, through asteroids to planetary giants. Work on both space climate and the potential for sustenance of life is also presented. 

Suzanne Farley

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature

Genetically-British Australian. Joined Nature Publishing Group in 2003. Spent 10 years in the Nature Reviews Division, and 5 years at Scientific Reports. Joined the Springer Nature Research Integrity Group in August 2018. Degree in Environmental Science, PhD in plant physiology and molecular biology (U Newcastle, Australia). Likes coffee, running, swimming, writing, parenting and my Kindle.